July 22, 2024

4 Tips to Get the Best Possible Settlement When You Divorce

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Whether you’re the main breadwinner, or you’ve stayed at home raising the children for years, if you are going through a divorce you will want to know you’re protected. From your assets to your income, you’ll not only want to know you will have a roof over your head after the split, but also that you can live well and won’t lose too much of your current lifestyle. Here’s how you can ensure you get the best outcome.

  1. Get legal help as soon as possible

When should you get legal advice about your divorce? The answer is, as soon as you think it may be a possibility. There’s no point waiting until they get legal counsel to get your own advice, so it’s worth doing some research into family law Adelaide when your relationship is in the process of breaking up. This has many advantages, including:

  • Ensuring you aren’t caught by surprise
  • Putting you a step ahead of your ex
  • Ensuring you know all your options
  • Giving you a confidential way to explore your options
  1. Find out what help you can get

If you don’t have a source of income, so are worried about paying for a divorce, then it’s worth looking at options for help with your legal fees such as legal aid. In cases where there has been domestic violence or abuse, you may be able to get help this way.

You should also look for support groups in your area for people going through divorce. This can be a good source of practical advice and help you get the best outcome when you separate.

  1. Get your financial paperwork together

It’s worth gathering evidence of yours and your partners assets from savings to property. It’s not uncommon for the wealthier partner to try and hide assets, so keep relevant paperwork before you separate, as it may come in useful.

When it comes to the house, it’s worth getting an independent valuation to see how much it might be worth. If your ex-partner tries to give you a low offer for your share, then you’ll have evidence to show it’s worth more.

  1. Look at your own finances

It’s important to consider how you’ll cope financially after the divorce. From being able to buy a home, or pay rent, to day to day expenses. Get your own bank account and start looking at how much you’ll need to live on versus how much you earn. This will help your lawyer argue your case when it comes to a settlement, as you need to have money to live on post-divorce. You’ll also need to take any expenses into account for children such as school fees, clubs, transport and more.

There are many ways that you can protect yourself and get the best possible settlement when it comes to your divorce. But perhaps the most important thing is to make sure you have legal protection, so you have someone who is an advocate for you and your best interests and can guide you through the entire legal process, which can sometimes get messy.

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