February 24, 2024

A Guide for Dog Bite Victim – Know How To Get Justice

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A dog bite is a harmful infection that may cause tetanus or rabies, immediate medical care is essential to detect the severity, in case a dog bites a human. Usually, a victim of dog bite can recover the compensation from its renter or owner’s insurance plan. Injuries caused by dogs are administered by other official rules.

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The following are few guidelines that help you in getting your compensation if you are bitten by a dog.

Things you need to do 

  • When a dog bites you, immediately identify and get the name and address of the dog owner and witnesses or the person who had its custody.
  • Ask dog owner for records of rabies vaccination and insurance policy.

  • Take few photographs of dog bite area and wound.
  • Visit a doctor for medical care and get treatment records.
  • File a report against dog owner or custody person at county authorities in your area.
  • Consult a professional lawyer who has good experience in dealing similar kind of cases and take help to obtain justice and compensation for your losses.

Legal resources

The law of dog bite includes county, state, and city laws. You can gather some information online by visiting related websites. With this, you will get an idea about the rights of dog bite victim and legal terminology in laws.

You need to consult an attorney in Phoenix immediately if you have major injuries such as bite on face, genital area, bite that require stitches, broken bone, tissue or brain injury, and more.

Even, if you have a major scar or permanent bruise you are liable to take assistance from a professional lawyer to handle your case.

Reasons for hiring a professional lawyer for dog bite injury case

There are a lot of reasons for hiring a lawyer to handle dog bite injury case. Few of them are:

  • The main reason is insurance providers will not pay properly.

  • Victims will be treated unlawfully if they don’t hire a lawyer.
  • Complexity of dog bites law and more.

Get references from your friends, family, or research yourself about personal injury lawyers in Phoenix. Choose the best lawyer and book your consultation today to discuss about your case.

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