July 22, 2024

Divorce over the Internet |How to apply for a Web Divorce

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By hiring legal help online, divorce over the internet is becoming more affordable. The online divorce attorney charges range from as low as $500-1500. Once you enter the zip code of your residence area, you get connected to a lawyer automatically, for a free consultation. There is no charge for the initial consultation and your information remains confidential with the attorney.

You save money by getting the proceedings handled online with the cyber legal help. You might need immediate consultation and the outrageous fee quotations of attorneys could be holding you back. Think no more.

Understanding the Concept of Divorce

When a couple ties the knot, they are legally bound by a contract. Divorce is the process by which they dissolve their contract of marriage. A divorce then involves a division of the property owned by the couple jointly. The other issue is the payment of a living allowance by one spouse to another, commonly known as spousal support or alimony.

If the couple has children, the divorce will also address the issue of who gets their custody, a visiting schedule for the other parent and the amount of financial support to be provided by each parent, in the upbringing of their children. Furthermore, the divorce may be contested or uncontested. If it is uncontested, then both the spouses must have come to a mutual agreement to legally dissolve their marriage.

Contemporary Times

Nearly 2/3rd of the American population does not have a legal representative while they file for a divorce in a court. It does not undermine the requirement of a legal representative, but the fact remains that everyone cannot afford them, so they take the road alone. With the advent of the online companies in offering legal assistance, the cost of working with an attorney is being minimized.

The billing is done on an hourly basis and it takes only a few hours with the web lawyers. The client also has the leisure to involve the attorney only in the parts of the dissolution that he cannot handle on his own.

How to file for a Web Divorce?

  1. Create an online account on a divorce web portal, register with them and pay their registration fee to get started.
  2. Answer the questionnaire and the divorce forms will be completed as per the client information provided.
  3. Print the completed documents and file them in the court of law.

Does it fit you?

The mission of the online lawyers is to make your divorce over internet as simple as possible. With the online divorce form systems, everything is just a click away! These forms are approved by the state governing bodies, making the web divorce procedure perfectly legal and legitimate. However, every case is different; hence, it is difficult to determine whether every case can be handled by an online lawyer. The client might need a full representation on his case, so the decision has to be made wisely. In addition to that the service costs also vary with the region and the practice area involved.

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