July 22, 2024

Few Types Of Cases That A Personal Injury Attorney Undertakes

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Most people know that they can get compensation legally if they are injured by an accident caused by someone else. But they may not know that a personal injury attorney can handle cases other than accidents. Just have a glimpse at koppellaw.com and websites of other law firms, and you will find that under personal injury claims, they handle many types of cases. Let’s look at some of the types of cases that fall under the hands of a personal injury attorney.

·       Motor Vehicle Accident

Millions of people get injured, sometimes permanently and sometimes fatally, due to motor vehicle accidents annually worldwide. These devastating accidents are mostly all courtesy of motorcycles, cars, trucks, and bikes. If you endured a motor vehicle accident, an experienced Personal Injury Lawyer can help you get the rightful financial compensation for your injuries as well as financial losses.

·       Medical Malpractice

A person can get seriously injured due to the negligence of doctors, nurses, other medical professionals, and hospitals. The most common medical malpractices include improper treatment of a disease, misdiagnosis, birth injuries, surgical errors, and pharmacy errors. If you are unfortunately injured by the hands of a medical practitioner, a personal injury attorney, who specializes in medical malpractices, is an apt choice for your case.

·       Wrongful Death

The term is pretty self-explanatory; a lawsuit of wrongful death occurs when someone dies because of someone else’s fault or carelessness. Most cases of wrongful death arise due to motor vehicle accidents, drink-and-drive, neglect caused by a nursing home, construction accidents, medical malpractice, flight accidents, or use of a defective product. A wrongful death lawsuit is often filed by the family of the deceased to recover some compensation from the responsible party that will definitely not bring him or her back but will help financially.

·       Products Liability

If you go to G. Oliver Koppell & Associates, or any other law firm website of your choice, you’ll notice that they also handle product liability cases. It is because hazardous and defective products can cause serious personal injuries anywhere- at home, at the workplace, and even in public places. Examples of such products include inconsumable packaged food products, defective vehicle parts, defective medical devices, etc. If you are injured by such unsafe products, an attorney can help you get compensation from the responsible party.

·       Premises Liability Claim

Premises liability claims are cases involving accidents caused by a dangerous or hazardous condition on someone’s land, premises, or property. Excellent examples of dangerous conditions that can cause premises liability claim are falling down a pair of stairs due to the absence of handrails and getting bitten by a pet dog. A Personal Injury Lawyer can help you get your compensation for such cases too.

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