December 5, 2023

Find Perfect Solutions in Choosing the Right Lawyer

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There are certain things that do not depend on us precisely because they depend on others (fame, money, the approval of others, death, etc.) and therefore are subject to restrictions by depending on the will of those. In such cases, acting on the basis of these things that do not depend on our will can create impediments and obstacles that, in the end, will force us to censure and accuse others and regret our situation.

The Right teachings

The teaching of this principle is that we should exercise ourselves especially in what depends on us and be aware that we cannot fully handle those things or situations that do not depend on us. . Obviously, this does not mean that we should refrain from acting to achieve objectives that are subject to the will of third parties, since in some way we can influence them through our desire and will, but always being aware that they are not under our control and therefore, not to turn things out as we intend, reflect on the course of the project or the fight that you have started. With this we will avoid that when things do not go as planned, we will not get frustrated, thereby endangering our happiness and inner peace

  • More and more companies are including a full-time attorney, known as an “in-house attorney,” as an active member of their team. This position requires a professional who has additional value, as his position requires him to know and participate in all branches of the business.
  • In general, this role requires effective communicators with leadership skills, organization, easy adaptation to new challenges and, above all, lawyers prepared to meet what is expected of them: Prevent contingencies in a company and improve productivity.

The Right Options for You

To prevent contingencies, the expungment lawyer joco   is obliged to dedicate all his time to knowing and understanding the operation of the company. You must maintain direct links with all departments, as well as an active level of collaboration with other workers. His role involves being a facilitator of management to improve decision-making, analyze risk factors, suggest preventive actions and be reactive to all the unforeseen events that arise day by day.

  • The in-house lawyer has to be creative and agile in thinking, must look for quick solutions and always be willing to get out of his comfort zone to help other departments in projects that are not always legal in nature.
  • You have to be someone with ease to adapt to regulatory changes and capable of leading the process of adaptation to those changes. It has to be someone who has docile transition processes that are hardly felt in the company and, in addition, it has to be someone with a vocation for teaching.

The position does not allow specialization or exclusivity in a subject. The operation obliges the in-house lawyer to be a legal “all-terrain” that can operate in the branches of law that directly or indirectly affect the company, since no one knows the operation and the possible contingencies that may be better than him.

In House Works

A good in-house will know how to improve the productivity of the company, since it will carry out simple verification processes, eliminate unnecessary procedures and carry out compliance matrices for better control of actions.

  • His role helps to reduce expenses, to reduce fines and, above all, to maintain good relations with local authorities and with his colleagues in legal studies.
  • Part of his duties includes recognizing that he cannot do everything alone and that he must rely on external colleagues to answer questions. To do this, it is hoped that he will be able to properly choose his support from colleagues who can give the company added value to that proposed by the in-house lawyer. You must know how to choose those firms and lawyers who understand the philosophy of the company and who can adapt to what they and the in-house lawyer hope to achieve.

Finally, the in-house lawyer is measured not only by the number of cases he solved in favor of the company, but also by the procedures and policies he generated to avoid contingencies.

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