July 22, 2024

How to Take a Stand against Wrongful Dismissal?

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Canadian governments either it is federal or provincial bounds Canadian employers to provide a rational termination notice to their employees when there is no just reason for dismissal. Every employee needs to know their rights under Canadian employment law before signing any employment agreement as several wrongful dismissals are taken place every year. Due to the unawareness of Canadian employment law, many employees get cheated. If you are one of them who got a wrongful dismissal from your employer, you must get in touch with an Employment lawyer in Toronto for best consultancy. Besides it, here we discussed a few concerns with optimum solutions regarding a wrongful dismissal:

Former to Joining a New Employer

Every employment contract must abide by the employment standards legislation which offers the least entitlements. The least working hours, wage, absence leaves, and other basic matter are usually covered in Employment standards legislation. So, it is essential to go through all the terms and condition regarding termination before signing the employment contract. Don’t forget to ensure that the employer is contracting you within the common law. If the terms and conditions are out of common law, you might be cheated.  Besides, you should check the notice periods and the compensation scheme.

Performance-Based Dismissal

Some people are dismissed due to their low performance in work. If you are facing the same issue, you must ensure that your boss must have a considerable reason for dismissing you. Moreover, if you have performance issues in your workplace, you must be warned to improve your performance before the dismissal. If it doesn’t so, you have a right to stand against wrongful dismissal.


No employee can be dismissed on human rights grounds which include gender, race, caste, creed or religion. Employees who have been dismissed against a human rights ground under the Ontario Human Rights Code should consult an employment attorney. An employment attorney will decide how your wrongful termination will be impacted by a human rights violation.


An employer does not have the right to terminate the employee when any unsafe activity is done at the workplace. Under both federal and provincial laws, employers are prohibited against the employee for seeking assistance and protesting unsafe working conditions. For more information, you should get in touch with the best employment attorney in Canada to stand against your wrongful dismissal.

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