February 24, 2024

Know What’s Involved and Stay in Track with Your Uncontested Divorce Process

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When a couple decides to go ahead with a divorce, a number of important decisions have to be made including asset and debt division, child support, alimony and visitation. When the involved parties are able to arrive at an agreement regarding these issues, it is referred as uncontested divorce.

Need for attorney assistance:

Uncontested divorce also happens in cases where one spouse cannot be located. The couple has the right to carry on with the legal proceedings without the help of attorney but on the downside, minor errors in the paperwork can cause delays and one of the spouses may be giving up their rights without realizing it.

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Steps to go ahead with uncontested divorce:

Filing petition: This simple document will be filed by your attorney and complete all other divorce-related forms required by your state.

Serve divorce papers on your spouse: The service processes and rules vary depending on your state. In some states you can hand it over yourself to your spouse or though another legal adult. Publication is used in cases when the spouse cannot be located.

Response from spouse: Your spouse can choose to counter-petition or file a response to your petition. If your spouse fails to respond, there will be a default judgment.

Choose the right attorney:

The process requires its fair share of paperwork and uncontested divorce lawyers would guide you through it. Choose a lawyer who specializes in family law. Avoid giving priority to attorney fees and look for someone who you feel comfortable to talk to.

Preparing for uncontested divorce:

  • Carry an outline of the agreement: Prepare an outline of the agreement and present it to the attorney during the initial consultation. He/she will let you know if would work out and let you know about additional considerations if any.
  • Follow the advice: Your attorney is likely to ask you to fill out more forms and come up with additional information. Tend to it to ensure your case doesn’t get delayed.
  • Do follow-ups: Attorneys may get held up with other pressing situations. When the promised time of your case has passed, send our attorney a gentle reminder.
  • Read the settlement thoroughly: If you don’t understand any part of the settlement, clarify your doubts before you sign it.

With the right legal help, you can solve the case in a relatively short period of time. Take time in choosing the attorney.

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