December 5, 2023

Security Negligence Can Lead to Physical Injury and Mental Trauma

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Nobody wants to be unsafe in this world. Whether it is staying at home, walking on the street, working in office, or commuting in the local transport etc. This is why government is very strict in every city about security systems like CCTVs, security guards, cameras, and extra lights in dark streets and corners.

However, there are some local shops and other small businesses that lack in security. This cannot be neglected because when there are accidents which happen due to third party, the victim is unable to claim because of lack of proof.

Some accidents also occur due to lack of security system. When such incidents occur, the owner is liable to pay a heavy price for the accident. For example, an individual can slip on stairways if there aren’t any proper lights, a third party is fighting and injures someone, but there isn’t any CCTV recording to prove it. When a criminal has to hurt anyone, they generally look for areas where there are less chances of being caught.

Fort Lauderdale, a city in Florida provides break time to many college students during spring. The entire city is crowded by tourists who make every corner of the street, shops, monuments, parks, and cruise crowded. Therefore, safety is the priority of every tourist and locals. Due to excessive crowd and different kinds of people, often there are accidents that occur from time to time.

To look after such cases personal injury lawyer is hired. They are cases where physical harm is caused due to negligence or carelessness of another party. Firms like Cecere Santana, hire personal injury attorneys in Fort Lauderdale to help locals. Whether you receive defective product, got in vehicle crash, or slipped on the pathway of a neighbor, they deal with all kinds of cases as long as it is caused due to the negligence of third party.

However, the law will only make the owner of the property liable for the injury when these mentioned below conditions are proven –

  • The business owner already knew about the risk, but did not take any measure to overcome it.
  • There was a dangerous condition existing in the premise.

However, if the business owner has taken proper security measures like installing cameras in the shop or office, bright lights in parking lots, limited cash access after 11pm, and clear view of ales counter from outside, then they cannot be considered guilty for the injury.

These few measures help in keeping everyone’s life safe. If every local shop and businesses think about others safety, then every city will sleep in peace.

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