December 5, 2023

When Family Life Takes a Turn For The Worse – Engage With a Family Solicitor. 

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The ideal situation for all of us would be to meet the love of our lives, get married, settle down and have some children together. Once the kids are born, the relationship goes from strength to strength and you will retire together and live happily ever after. Unfortunately, life is never this kind and many marriages run into problems all the time. You try to do what you can to make it work, but sometimes your best efforts are just not good enough. The person that you married is no longer the same person and now that you’re filing for divorce, they have changed into someone that you just don’t recognise any more. People are hurt in situations like this and so they lash out at their partner to vent their frustrations and the kids end up getting hurt in the proceedings.

Rather than continue on in this vein, it’s best to engage with a family solicitor in Parramatta to figure it all out for you. You may think that this is something that you can negotiate through together, but the reality is that it’s just not possible and people are just too angry to come to any kind of arrangement. In most situations, things have to go through the family courts and so you need a professional family solicitor on your side to fight in your corner. Hiring a family lawyer provides many benefits and we will explore some of them here.

  1. They can remain objective – You on the other hand cannot in a matter how hard you try to be objective, your thoughts will be clogged with anger and resentment. It’s best to have a lawyer to represent you because they can remain impartial and keep a clear mind when it comes to family law. They will not let emotions get the better of them, but they do understand your anger and frustration at this point in time. With a clear head they can negotiate the way ahead for you and your family so that hopefully everyone will be happy when all the fog has cleared.
  1. They understand the complexities of the law – The knowledge that they have may allow you to get a favourable decision when it comes to a custody battle or a divorce settlement. If at all possible, they will try to negotiate with the other lawyer in several things before they even get an opportunity to enter the law courts. You want to be avoiding going into the courts because not only will it cost you a lot more money, but it will cost you hire stress levels and increased frustration.

When you engage with the family solicitor, you get the benefit of the many years experience that they have, dealing with the courts and processing all of the necessary paperwork. If there is a legal loophole that can be exploited, they will know about it and they will use it for your benefit.

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